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Bike Builds and Upgrades

Build your own bike ?

There's nothing like tinkering with a bicycle to really get to know it. You could even learn to make one yourself, writes Patrick Keneally (The Guardian)

"I relax by taking my bicycle apart and putting it back together again." So says Michelle Pfeiffer, Hollywood actress and avid bicycle tinkerer. There is, undoubtedly, a special joy in discovering exactly how your bike fits together - and at the most obsessive end, this interest might lead you to consider building one from scratch.

It can be a tricky and frustrating process, but there's also huge satisfaction in riding down the street looking cool (you hope) on your customised chopper, steel racer or lightweight fixed-wheel, feeling confident (or not so confident) in the knowledge that you fitted every part of the bike together yourself.

..feeling confident (or not so confident) ?

Whether you require a complete out of the box bike build, you have put a bike together and require a once over or you have taken delivery of a bike and you’re not one hundred percent sure. Spokes Bike Build Service offers customers peace of mind and the confidence that their bike is both safe to ride and performing correctly.

Spokes Bike Build Service - from £35.00

Bike Assembly/General inspection/safety check, including:

Spokes bike build service will put your bike together for you.
Bolts: Check and adjust to correct torque.
Wheels: Check alignment/spoke tension. Adjust Hubs if applicable.
Tyres: Check fit and inflate to recommended pressure.
Headset: Check for movement and adjust if applicable.
Brakes: Check/Adjust, align and balance.
Gears: Check/Adjust Derailleur travel. Check/Adjust cable tension.
Cables: Check condition/routing.
Setup: Check/Adjust Brake/Shifter levers, handlebars, saddle.

Spokes Replace/Upgrade Service

If you have been out and bought a shiny new pair of wheels or splashed out to upgrade your groupset or whatever and you’re not sure how to swap over or fit, then contact us to see if we can help.