Welcome to the Bike Servicing and Bike Maintenance page for Spokes Cycle Care and Repair - The Bicycle service and repair workshop and Bicycle collection and delivery service in Chelmsford, Essex. Spokes bike servicing and repair prices, price list for bike chains, pedals, cranks, wheels, wheel truing, brake adjustment, gear tuning, cassettes/freewheels, tyre and inner tube replace, drivetrains, bottom brackets, derailleurs, headsets, bars and bike accessories. Call 07977 051 052
Servicing and Maintenance

Spokes Cycle Care & Repair

Spokes is a fully equipped Workshop using specialist quality tools, components and consumables. We are happy to undertake all aspects of care and repair on all types of bicycle.

Whatever your requirements, you will always receive a warm welcome at the Spokes Workshop and we are always pleased to discuss all and any issues whether by phone or preferably face to face.

Spokes Servicing Options

We offer a range of services and servicing options to suit your bike, your cycling needs and your budget.

Which option is right for you?

Whether your bike needs a quick check over, a bit of TLC, a complete facelift or something in between, we offer our experience and a frank and honest assessment so that you can decide on the level of service that suits you and gives you the most benefit and enjoyment from your bike. We will only replace major components with your approval but we will assume that you will trust our judgement and experience if we think it appropriate to replace minor components such as brake pads and cables.

Spokes Economy Service - from £45.00 (not including parts)

General inspection/safety check, including:

Spokes Economy Service - inspection and safety check
Bolts: Check and adjust to correct torque.
Wheels: Check for alignment, wear and play. Adjust Hubs if applicable.
Tyres: Inspect for wear and inflate to recommended pressure.
Drivetrain: Inspect for wear.
Chain: Inspect for wear. Clean/lube.
Headset: Check for movement and adjust if applicable.
Brakes: Adjust/balance. Inspect Pads for wear and replace if necessary.
Gears: Adjust Derailleur travel.
Cables: Check for corrosion/fraying & lube. Replace if necessary.
Bottom Bracket: Check and adjust if applicable.

Spokes Service - from £60.00 (not including parts)

Inspection, repair & preventative maintenance, including:

Spokes Service - bike inspection, repair & preventative maintenance.
Chain: Check for wear/stretch, degrease, clean and lube.
Wheels: Remove. Degrease/clean Rims. Inspect/regrease Hubs, adjust/lock Cones. Inspect Spokes, true Wheels.
Cassette/Freewheel: Remove. Degrease, clean and check for wear. Inspect Hub body for damage. Refit and lock.
Tyres: Inspect for wear and inflate to recommended pressure.
Derailleurs: Degrease, clean and lube. Check for wear.
Pedals: Remove. Clean/regrease threads.
Chainset/Cranks: Remove. Degrease, clean and check for wear. Clean/regrease Crank Bolt threads. Check/adjust Chainset Bolts.
Bottom Bracket: Check for movement/ingress. Remove, clean, regrease and refit or adjust where applicable.
Frame/Forks: Degrease, clean and finish with Bike Polish. Inspect for damage.
Headset: Check for movement/ingress. Degrease, clean, inspect for wear and regrease Bearings where applicable.
Brake Calipers: Degrease, clean and lube. Adjust and balance.
Rim Brake Pads: Inspect for wear and re-align. Replace where necessary.
Disc Brake Pads: Remove. Inspect for wear/contamination, clean and adjust.
Disc Brake Rotor: Clean and inspect for damage. Re-align where applicable.
Cables: Flush thru’ and lube Outers. Check Inners for corrosion/fraying & lube. Replace where necessary.
Gears: Adjust Derailleur travel. Adjust/tune Cable tension.
Road Test: Give your bike a spin (if possible).

Spokes Strip Down Service - from £120.00 (not including parts)

A complete bike strip down and rebuild:

Each component is removed, degreased, cleaned and inspected for damage/wear.
Each component is serviced and returned to it’s mechanical condition to as new.
Each component is refitted to the bike, regreased, relubed and adjusted/tuned as applicable.

Spokes Workshop Price List

We recognise that every bike is different and that one size doesn't fit all. The following list is by no means exhaustive but it offers a guide to typical single item workshop repairs (not including parts).

Please note: These prices only apply when carried out as single item repairs.
The full prices will not always apply if repair items are included during a Spokes Service.

Spokes Workshop Bike Service & Repair Price List
Wheels     Drivetrain  
Install Wheel £20.00   Install Pedals £10.00
Install Tube £10.00   Install Chainwheel £25.00
Install Tyre £10.00   Install Chain £15.00
Light Wheel True £10.00   Install Cassette/Freewheel £20.00
Standard Wheel True £20.00      
Hub Cone Adjust £10.00   Bottom Bracket  
Hub Service £20.00   Install Bottom Bracket £20.00
      Tap Bottom Bracket Shell £25.00
Install Rim Pads £10.00   Headset  
Install Cable Inner £10.00   Adjust Headset £15.00
Install Cable Outer £10.00   Service Headset £25.00
Brake Adjust £10.00      
Install Disc Pads £10.00   Bars  
Disc Brake Bleed £20.00   Install Road Bars £30.00
Install Brakeset £30.00   Install Flat Bars £25.00
      Install Bar Tape £15.00
Install Cable Inner £10.00   Fit Accessories  
Install Cable Outer £10.00   Mudguards £20.00
Gear Tune/Adjust £15.00   Lights £10.00
Hanger Re-Align/Replace £15.00   Computer £10.00
Install Derailleur Front £15.00   Rack £10.00
Install Derailleur Rear £20.00      
Install STI Shifter £25.00      
Install Rapidfire/Grip Shifter £30.00